On Feeling Like a Bloated Beluga ­čÉő

I thought I would write another post regarding weight gain/bloating. As I stated in previous posts I expected to gain 10-15 lbs (as it seemed that is what other egg freezers whose blogs I read gained, as well as a friend of mine who has donated her eggs). I weigh 120 lbs. ┬áI weighed myself every single morning (seemingly anticipating a massive weight gain overnight) but didn’t gain a single pound! I did, however, at the latter end of my injection cycle, start to bloat a little bit and felt VERY full and uncomfortable. I would walk around my house with my hand on my belly like a pregnant woman. ┬áSurprisingly, I actually became even more bloated AFTER the procedure (see picture below taken on July 19th; 13 days after my procedure). ┬áI can’t tell you exactly when the bloating went away, but it was definitely gone by at least 1 month following the procedure.


**Please excuse the snapchat caption. And I promise I’m not pushing my belly out, that is all natural bloating!