Laying My Eggs

On Thursday July 6th I got a ride to the fertility clinic. I checked in and a Nurse came and got me and brought me into the back. She showed me the changing room. I chose a locker (which had a gown, robe, paper slippers, and a surgical hat in it), got dressed, and locked my belongings away. I then went out and met the Nurse. I asked if I could keep my phone with me (obviously this wouldn’t be allowed in a normal OR but since it was just conscious sedation I thought it might be okay, and it was, PLUS I have to document everything I can photographically!). She verified my personal information, put in a IV for fluids, and asked if I had any questions or concerns that hadn’t been answered. I said I was just worried about the sedation because of a previous bad experience I had and she said I would be awake the whole time and they could adjust it if needed during the procedure. I asked her to take a picture of me for IG 🤗 and then I waited yet again. After about 20 minutes someone from the lab came out and introduced herself and said she would be the one taking care of my eggs. About 10 minutes after that another Nurse came out and walked me into the procedure room. I hopped up onto the table. The doctor, someone training with him, and some other nurses came in. They confirmed my info again and then the doc ordered the Nurse to administer either 4 or 5 of Midazolam and 100 of Fentanyl. I started to feel fuzzy after a few minutes. He put in that metal crank that is used during a pap, I guess he must have been getting the needle into position because he then took the crank out. He said he was going to start, I said okay. While he was doing it I was definitely feeling some discomfort/pain and was kind of squirming and saying ‘ow’ and he asked if I wanted more Fentanyl so I said yes, he ordered 50 more. So I was definitely awake and semi-aware for the whole thing. He told me at the end that they got 9 eggs. I was okay with that number, but I knew that this didn’t mean that they would be freezing 9 because they might not all be mature enough to freeze. They asked me to shimmy over to a stretcher and then wheeled me to recovery. I said I was having pain and asked how long that would last for and the Nurse said I could take Tylenol when I got home but they could also give me some now if I wanted which I said yes to. I just chilled and was very sleepy in the bed and 20 minutes later (at about 10:10) I texted my sister and said she could come to pick me up now (I had originally told her to come between 10:30-11:00). They asked me to pee (because they need to make sure you can pee before you leave) and then I got dressed and went to the waiting area. My sister came and drove me home, and made sure I had everything I needed. Then I was on my own for the day, which was fine since all I did was lay in bed with a heating pad on my belly.

I had mild pain in my abdomen, mostly when I got up or moved around. The heating pad helped a lot with this. I had some very very mild spotting overnight, which is normal (it’s from the needle puncturing through the vaginal wall).  Sidenote: Apparently the needle goes into your vagina, then out the side of the vagina, and over into the ovary. I always kind of assumed they would go straight up through the uterus and into the ovary. WRONG.     The next day (yesterday) I wasn’t having any pain but was definitely having discomfort all day and a crampy feeling. I took a few Tylenol throughout the day and continued to use the heating pad. Yesterday evening I was feeling EXTREMELY bloated and uncomfortable for hours. My belly was sticking out like crazy and I was starting to worry that something was wrong. Today I woke up and the bloating went down a bit, just feeling crampy still, but it’s getting better. I took my dog out for a short walk because she hadn’t had one in a few days and because honestly my back has been sore from laying down for 2 days straight!

Forgot to mention: They called me on the afternoon of the egg retrieval day and let me know they froze 7 eggs. ‘That’s it?!’ I wanted to say (but didn’t). I guess I just have to keep in mind that that’s the yield from just one ovary and I really should focus on the fact that I was fortunate to even be able to freeze my eggs. So now I have 7 of Meg’s eggs in the freezer, and should I have difficulty conceiving the natural way in the future, I will have those as a backup ☺️.


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