Trigger Shot Day!!

Day 10 (July 3)

Yesterday the doctor told me that I have some large follicles and some medium ones. She said that once a follicle is over 17mm they think it will have a good egg in it. She asked if I could come back tomorrow (July 4) for another ultrasound because she wanted to give the medium size follicles another day to see how they are doing. I asked if it had to be in the morning (because these early morning appointments are killing me) and she said yes because they blood test needs to be at that time. So I said yes, purchased one more day’s worth of meds ($600 even) and went on my way.

Lab Results:

Estradiol 5433 pmol/L

Follicles: 21.2mm, 14.8mm, 19.1mm, 10.7mm, 15.8mm, 10.3mm, 12.4mm, 9.7mm, 10.7mm, 12.5mm

Endo thickness: 8.9mm

Day 11 (July 4)

This morning I saw a different doctor and he told me I can take my trigger shot tonight. I was talking with the nurse and she explained to me that the trigger shot releases the eggs from the wall of the follicle so that when they go in and retrieve them the eggs don’t stay stuck to the wall.  I guess they won’t want to leave their mother (because I’m kind of amazing) but I’m gonna do what I want with those little guys and what I want is to freeze them to near death, vitrification here we come!

So this means that my last dose of Menopur and Gonal-f was last night, and my last dose of Orgalutran was this morning. Tonight I will start antibiotics at 8:00 which I will take twice a day for 5 days. I will take the 2 trigger shots (Triptorelin) tonight at 9:30 (they come is pre-loaded syringes again similar to the Orgalutran). Then I go in tomorrow (Wednesday) morning for blood work to have my progesterone and LH (luteinizing hormone) tested. Thankfully I can do this at Lifelabs in Tsawwassen and won’t have to drive all the way out to Burnaby again. For some reason this blood work is not part of the huge amount of money we are already paying and it will be out of pocket.  Thursday morning will be the big day. I need to be at the clinic for 9:00 am, procedure is at 9:30, and I will be there for 1.5-2 hours in total even though the actual procedure just takes 10 minutes (said the doc).

Today’s Lab Results

Estradiol: 8122 pmol/L

Follicles: 9.9mm, 19.0mm, 13.6mm, 18.1mm, 13.1mm, 17.6mm, 19.0mm, 19.1mm, 14.8mm, 14.6mm (He said he wasn’t going to measure them all)

Endo Thickness: 12.4mm

P.S. – Starting to have extreme anxiety about being awake for the procedure… I’ve built up a bit of a tolerance to Ativan, and I always need extra freezing at the dentist so I’m worried that they won’t give me enough meds for the procedure.


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