Day 8: And Feeling Great! (For real)

I received a call from a nurse yesterday saying that they were ‘starting late tomorrow’ and that I could ‘sleep in!’ she said with excitement, the kind of excitement someone uses when they truly deep down in their heart believe it will bring you joy. ‘I do?!’ I responded with glee. ‘Yes!’ she said, ‘we’re going to start at 8.’ Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t know bout all y’all, but that ain’t sleeping in to me…. ‘What’s the laaaaatest I can come?’ I asked, ‘8:15’ she said, obviously feeling bad about falsely exciting me. So I got to wake up at 7:25 this morning instead of 6:45. Woo effing hoo.

Blood test happened as per usual. Then I realized that I left the Orgalutran (this is my new drug that prevents ovulation (we want to keep those eggs inside until we want them to come out!)) in the car, so I begrudgingly walked back out with my large coffee, scowling at anyone who I passed because of the early hour. Just to be clear I passed no one because NO ONE IS AWAKE AT 8:45 ON A SATURDAY ON A LONG WEEKEND. I retrieved the syringe and went back inside in to the waiting room. I had my first conversation with another lady who was in the waiting area (usually we just all ignore each other, like the civilized, antisocial, millennials we are).  Actually I don’t think this woman was a millennial but that is beside the point. So eventually I am called into the U/S room. I am not supposed to go more than 24 hours without taking the Orgalutran, and since I took it at 8:55 yesterday it was about time I took it. So I get the injection ready and inject myself, put the needle in the sharps container and the garbage in the garbage and proceed to take off my shorts and underwear in preparation for the U/S.  Now usually it takes at least 10 minutes for the doctor to come in so I figured I had plenty of time to do the injection, take a picture for Snapchat, and undress.  Wrong. I am about to hop up onto the table when the door opens. Now let’s get real here guys, I’m a nurse. I’ve seen a lot of naked bodies, like a lot, most of them old and saggy and wrinkled, after a while in a professional setting a naked body is just a naked body. I also have had numerous doctors and nurses see my naked lower half many times throughout this journey so who cares anymore, not me! Back to the story, the doc and nurse open the door, I am standing there half naked, ‘oh sorry’ the doc says, ‘come in,’ I say, ‘you’re going to see it all anyways!’ She started to search for my right ovary but pretty quickly she said ‘oh right, there is no right ovary.’ Maybe she remembered me and my history better since she is the doctor I had the consultation with. Or maybe she is just a responsible health care provider and actually reviewed my chart before examine me. She also asked if I was okay if she placed the ultrasound or if I wanted to do it myself. I said she could do it but just to go slow (I have vaginismus so inserting the vaginal ultrasound is painful but usually just at first). So she starts to put it in and I kind of squirm and then it gets really painful and I yell out ‘fuck!’ But then it’s in and it’s fine, and she shows me my ovary and I can see so many follicles! Très exciting.


I feel like Helena on orphan black because I keep referring to them as ‘my babies’ but in a Eastern European accent.

After the ultrasound she says I should do two more days of the meds and then I might be ready for the trigger shot on Monday. So on Monday I will go back and have more blood drawn and another ultrasound. I can’t believe this is coming to an end soon. I’ve been so excited and I will be sad when it’s over.

P.S. – Still haven’t gained any weight. I feel like I look a little bloated tonight but maybe that’s just because all I had for dinner tonight was leftover roast chicken with nothing on the side, and my favourite beverage; a Coke!

Estradiol levels today: 3780 pmol/L

Follicle Measurements: 16.1mm, 10.8mm, 16.1mm, 16.3mm, 13.5mm, 8.4mm, 8.2mm

Endo Thickness: 7.09 mm

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