Day 6: Miserable Megan

This morning during my ultrasound the doctor is poking around inside of me with the vaginal probe (and not being very gentle I might add) and he says aloud to himself “now where is your right ovary?” and I say “I don’t have one” and he says “what?” and I say louder and more forcefully (because he is freaking hurting me fishing around down there) “I don’t have a right ovary!”  I find this really frustrating because I feel that if I am paying $11,000 to have a procedure done you could take a few minutes before my ultrasound to review my god damn file, YOU SHOULD KNOW I DON’T HAVE A RIGHT OVARY, THAT’S WHY I AM HERE DUDE.

Here is a pic I snapped during the U/S of my follicles being measured:


Follicle sizes today: 10.2mm, 12.6mm, 13.5mm, 8.7mm, 9.5mm

Endo thickness: 6.8mm

Estradiol level today: 2951 pmol/L. (3 times what it was 2 days ago!)

Afterwards, he told me he wants me to take the Orgalutran 0.25 mg that I was supposed to start tonight, this morning. So I bought another dose of it (one day’s worth is $112 fyi) and they took me to another room where I injected it right then and there. The doctor said one of my follicles is getting a little big and they don’t want me to ovulate it which is why I had to take the Orgalutran early. This one comes in a pre-loaded single dose syringe and it definitely stung the most afterwards (for about 30 minutes) out of all of my injections so far, and it was quite itchy afterwards too.

I’m kind of over these injections now. I really looked forward to them every day before but now I really am starting to feel like a pin cushion (which I know sounds cliche or whatever but I get why people say that now because that literally is what you feel like). Today I also have the sensation of feeling very full/having pressure in my lower abdomen. It kind of feels crampy and my lower back has really been bothering me (like it used to when I would get my period). On a positive note I asked the doctor today why I can’t take antihistamines and he said because I am just freezing my eggs (as opposed to doing IVF I guess) that he doesn’t care if I take antihistamines or not! I got home from my appointment at 10:00am, took an antihistamine (non-drowsy) and slept for three hours.  These hormones are really sucking the life out of me.

Can you see all of my needle poke locations here?img_6285.jpg

I’ve been weighing myself every morning because I hear that women can gain 10-15 lbs while doing this. So far I haven’t seen much of a change but I have a feeling that will change soon…


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