First Day

First injections were today. I was 100% excited and 0% nervous. Which is weird because I thought that I would be nervous about the actual insertion of needle into skin BUT here is what happened:

Because I had my injection teaching session over a month ago I decided to check out Youtube for a little refresher on how to mix the Menopur (my dose for Menopur is 150 IU but I found the instructions weren’t totally clear on how much saline to mix with it).  So when I got home after being out all afternoon I grabbed the Gonal-f injection pen from the fridge where it has lived for the last month and raced upstairs with excitement.  I sat down at my desk with all of my supplies (which I laid out last night because I’m a weirdo and am was way too excited to wait to do it all today).  I started to mix the Menopur concoction and asked my Mom to come up and take a video for snapchat (obvi) of me doing the injection.  Now obviously with snapchat you only have 10 seconds so I couldn’t be a wuss and be afraid and mess up the video (god forbid I don’t document my first injection on social media). So I swabbed an area of my belly to the left of my belly button, grabbed the loaded syringe, told my Mom to start the vid, and the needle went in like a knife into butter!  Really, it did. If you are doing this yourself as well, the key is to try your best not to think about it, just grab it and put it in; the more you think about it the more you are mentally torturing yourself.

Next up, the Gonal-f pen.  So this drug comes pre-loaded in an injection pen and I forgot 90% of what the nurse told me about how to use it, so back to Youtube I went. But the video I watched wasn’t my pen exactly and it was showing something about setting it up for first time use, and I didn’t remember the nurse mentioning that during my teaching session so I decided to check out the ginormous instruction sheet that came in the box. After setting it up, I twisted the pen to my dose of 300 IU, swabbed a different area of my belly and in the needle went!

Overall I am very happy with how it went and very excited to see how the next few days go.

P.S. – I watched another video on Youtube last night and one woman said she became so bloated during her injections she looked like she was 6 months pregnant…. So here’s hoping that does not happen to me, I mean come on guys, it’s SUMMER.

P.P.S. – Below is a picture of my supplies and a pic of me being super excited with my Gonal-f pen 😀

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