Fabulous News Folks

Had my blood work (Estradiol 104 pmol/L this morning) and ultrasound today. Ultrasound looked good which means I can start the hormones tomorrow! I’m ecstatic. Yay! Yay! Yay!

On my drive back from the clinic I was feeling crampy and thinking to myself, how the eff do women get their period EVERY MONTH. The cramps, the back pain, it’s miserable.  It reminded me of that scene in the Netflix show Sense8 where Lito is linked to Sun and he experiences what her period is like and he is such a little bitch about it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=P_2mXH6Ap1U if you want to check it out). But since I haven’t had my period in so long that is exactly what I felt like! Before I realized it was cramps I was like what is this pain in my abdomen? I do not feel well.  Then I got home and went to the bathroom and much to my surprise I got my period. Not stoked at all.  I asked a friend who has recently gone through this process and frozen embryos and asked if once she started the hormones the period stopped. She said she couldn’t 100% remember but she thinks it was a full normal period. Ummmmmmmm WHAT?!  I was not expecting to get my period throughout this process, so it is a big negative shocker. Guess I’ll be buying some tampons today!

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