Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Birth control pills. Hate them. I spent the first two and half weeks with pretty bad nausea every day. Also, I am a very low energy person, but these pills are making me EXHAUSTED. Finally the nausea subsided, but then the birth control gods were like ‘nahhh, let’s let this bish suffer some more, let’s give her super sore titties!” And so they did. Just walking around they hurt and I have to hold them against my body with my hands when I go up or down stairs (and let me tell you guys I do NOT have big boobs so it’s not like they’re flopping around all over the place), but the stair jiggling is enough to make me whine about it (whining is something I do well if you haven’t noticed).  Thank fuck that I only have two more days of taking them and then on Friday I go in for another ultrasound and blood test!

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