The Waiting Game

Last Friday morning I drove out to the fertility clinic at 7am (too early to be awake in my opinion) for an ultrasound and blood test on what was SUPPOSED to be day 1 of taking my hormones.  The blood test was for Estradiol. During the ultrasound the doctor pointed out some follicles on the screen and measured them. Then he pointed out this huge follicle that was HUGE in comparison. ‘Nooooooooooo,’ I cried out. I knew this was not a good thing after reading about Jenny’s ‘monster follicle’ on her blog Chill the Documentary. (ps.- I cannot wait for her documentary to come out later this year!). My three normal follicles were 3.7mm, 3.9mm and 4.9mm, and the huge one aka ‘Big Daddy’ was 19.5mm.  The doc said that if I were to start the hormones that day (as planned) that the smaller follicles would be suppressed, which is obviously not what we want to happen. What we do want is for as many follicles to develop as possible so that they can retrieve as many eggs as they can when the time comes.  He said if Big Daddy was reacting in a certain way to my natural hormones then it would continue to grow and starting the hormones that day would not be a good idea.

I was at the clinic from 7:30 am until 9:00 am and had plans to take a ferry to Vancouver Island at 11:00 am.  So the plan was that I would pick up 3 days worth of hormones and bring them on my weekend trip so that if once the blood test results came back I would be able to start that day. The clinic said they would call me in a few hours when the results of my blood test came back and they would let me know if I could start the hormones or not. I was in the cafeteria on the ferry when a nurse called and said that I was not to start the hormones that day. They were going to put me on a birth control pill called Marvelon for 25 days continuously (until June 19), and then go in for another ultrasound and blood test on June 23. If all goes well that day I will start the hormones on June 24 with a retrieval date between July 5-7. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t start the hormones that day because I was really really really looking forward to it and had planned some work related things around ultrasound/bloodwork and retrieval dates.

So looks like I’ll be checking back in 3 weeks!

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