To Bleed, or Not to Bleed

I can’t remember the last time I had my period. It’s probably been over 5 years. I do this on purpose so that my endometriosis doesn’t destroy my insides. When the doctor told me to stop taking the Visanne in preparation for taking the hormones I was nervous about getting my period because when I used to get it I would get it BAD. Like 8 full days of bleeding accompanied by hellish cramps that could not be tamed.  So while off of the Visanne I have been getting some minor cramping and a few times I thought I felt a little wetness and I would think: ’it’s happened! it has returned!’ But every time I checked it was a false alarm, Hallelujah.

P.S. – The doctor said she didn’t think I would get it immediately because I’ve been on this drug for so long, guess she was right!

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