To Bleed, or Not to Bleed

I can’t remember the last time I had my period. It’s probably been over 5 years. I do this on purpose so that my endometriosis doesn’t destroy my insides. When the doctor told me to stop taking the Visanne in preparation for taking the hormones I was nervous about getting my period because when I used to get it I would get it BAD. Like 8 full days of bleeding accompanied by hellish cramps that could not be tamed.  So while off of the Visanne I have been getting some minor cramping and a few times I thought I felt a little wetness and I would think: ’it’s happened! it has returned!’ But every time I checked it was a false alarm, Hallelujah.

P.S. – The doctor said she didn’t think I would get it immediately because I’ve been on this drug for so long, guess she was right!

Injection Teaching & Schedule

I had my injection teaching session two days ago. I met with one of the nurses at the fertility centre and had a one-on-one session. I will initially be on two medications; Gonal-f and Menopur. The Gonal-f comes in a pre-loaded injection pen. The Menopur is in powder form in a vial; you mix liquid with it, draw it into the syringe and then inject it. I found the session to be pretty straight forward, as I’ve said before I have experience giving injections so that isn’t a source a worry for me. We talked about when I want to start the hormones. I am visiting a friend in Calgary right now and return to Vancouver on May 23. I wanted to start the hormones the day after I get home, on May 24, but the nurse said they usually have people begin on Fridays, so we will push my start date to May 26. Here is what the schedule looks like:

May 19: Stop taking my Visanne (I need to stop this 1 week prior to starting hormones)

May 26: Ultrasound and blood test in the am and first hormone injection in the pm

May 29: Blood test

May 31: Ultrasound and blood test. This day I will also start Orgalutran 0.25mg and take it every day until the retrieval

June 2: Ultrasound and blood test

June 4: Ultrasound and blood test

June 6-8 (depending on what my follicles are looking like): RETRIEVAL!

I’m not super looking forward to having to go to the fertility clinic every few days for the ultrasounds and blood tests (it’s usually a 45 minute drive but will probably be longer since I have to go out during rush hour), but I guess I can handle it for 2 weeks. P.S. – It will be extra tortuous because I am absolutely NOT a morning person. Wish me deep sleeps and extra caffeinated mornings!