I’m Going to Do It!

I had my consultation today. A few weeks ago I had some ‘pre-natal’ blood work done. I checked my results online prior to the appointment and apparently my AMH is low for my age (which I was trying to not freak out about until I met with the doctor and she could explain further). I asked if it was low partially due to the fact that I have one ovary and she said yes, and she also said that endometriosis can negatively affect egg reserve. She explained the procedure and the fees and basically how the whole process will go.

Egg facts I learned during the appointment:

When looking at if you want to freeze your eggs you look at the quality and the quantity.

Quality is largely based on age:

21-35 15-20%
40 40-50%
45 80-90%

*My doctor wrote out these numbers for me during the appointment

Quantity aka egg reserve is assessed by the following three ways:

  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) I did not have this done because it has to be done on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle and I don’t have one (I’ve been on a drug called Visanne for around five years to stop my periods since the endometriosis made my periods so terrible)
  • AMH (anti mullerian hormone) Mine is low at 10.4 pmol/L
  • AFC (Antral Follicle Count) This is done using a vaginal ultrasound and you can see and count the number of follicles! I believe I had 7 or 8 which is apparently average. And by apparently average I mean I googled it and saw that result on one website and didn’t bother to cross-reference because I’m lazy.

>>>>Sidenote: the doc said that my ‘uterus looks great’ for any future pregnancies. I obviously asked what determines a ‘great looking uterus’ and she said the size and the shape. Can you imagine if someone on the street just came up to you and said you have a great uterus, I mean, guys, WHAT a compliment. Seriously though, it is. Especially after learning I may have low or borderline low fertility.

>>>>SIDE SIDE NOTE: SHE SAID I HAVE A CYST ON MY OVARY. To which my brain response was ‘What?!’ and my verbal response was more like ‘WHAT?!’ She said she could tell it’s fluid filled and not endometriosis related. She didn’t seem worried about it at all which I guess put me slightly at ease… and I asked if it would go away on it’s own and she was like fo sheezy (but in medical terms).

My fertility as I understand it:

  • The quality of my eggs is good because of my age (26)
  • My quantity might be low (based on my AMH) but my AFC looked good

I think I was expecting to feel a certain way after the appointment. More excited. Or more turned off of the idea. Confused doesn’t feel like the right word. Neither does indifferent. The next step is completing the 11 page consent package (which in essentially says if they make any mistake of any kind, mechanical, employee related, if there is a natural disaster, a flood, a war (yes it literally says war) that it’s not their fault. So naturally I signed (with my sister as my legal witness).

As I continue to read blog posts on the topic I really feel that doing this is a great choice. The younger you are when you freeze your eggs the greater quality the eggs will be and it also increases the chance of having a successful pregnancy in the future with those eggs. So the next step is to give them my signed consent forms and within a week they will call me to book the teaching session for administering injections and provide other information.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Do It!

  1. At what age do you think you will use your eggs to get pregnant? Would you use a sperm donor or only a partner? Thanks


    1. Hopefully I will be able to get pregnant naturally and the eggs will just be a backup plan. If I do use the frozen eggs it definitely won’t be until my 30’s and ideally it would be with a partner.


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