Half the Ovaries, Twice the Worry…

More and more lately I’ve been considering having my eggs frozen. In 2009 when I was 19 I had a 7lb ovarian dermoid cyst removed (along with my right ovary and fallopian tube), leaving me with one ovary. During the surgery they discovered I had endometriosis (I always had pretty intense periods but I just assumed that what I was experiencing was normal because I had nothing else to compare it to). Endometriosis is a pretty major cause of infertility in women, and during my surgery the surgeon said she saw what looked like a possible patch of endometriosis on my remaining ovary. I asked if I should freeze my eggs and she basically said it wasn’t necessary and that my left ovary would take over and function as if it was both of my ovaries.

Now I am 26 and am not going to be having children anytime in my near future. I have thought about freezing my eggs over the last 7 years but I knew it was expensive and didn’t look into it too much. Having the option to have my own biological children is important to me and having one ovary has made me worry that maybe I won’t be able to.  Over the last few weeks I emailed a few local fertility clinics to see how much it would potentially cost. On average, for the procedure and medications (hormones) it will be around $10,000 CAD. I brought up the topic to my Mom and she said that since I had my ovary removed she thought that I should have had my eggs frozen. She also generously said that she would give me the money out of my inheritance (her inheritance?), whatever, you get it. So grateful!

I went to my GP on March 23 and asked for a referral to the fertility clinic that I wanted to go to so that I can have a consultation. Now I just have to wait for them to call and book an appointment. I’m SO excited. I am definitely not a person who is afraid of needles but I am quite nervous at the thought of having to give myself an injection every day! I know I’m getting ahead of myself but I tend to do that….

During my research into what it will be like to have one’s eggs frozen I did not find many personal accounts so I hope that sharing my experiences will help anyone reading this! I will update my story and experiences as they happen.

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